Small body makes great achievements - Lindemann Limetree Network Player


  Lindemann is not traditionally engaged in low-end market. Most of their products are tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars, which fits all the descriptions of "Hi-END" that you can reasonably expect.For celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lindemann's founding. Many models of the Limetree series use Lindemann's expertise and set their prices at the most acceptable level in the market. The members of the series include; Network music players, MM /MC phono Amplifier, Headphone amplifier and The Bridge.

  Limetree Network network player is an independent network music player component that can play external music storage data through wired and wireless connections. It can process various types of popular audio files, fully meet your expectations of modern network products, support FLAC, AIFF, WAV and ALAC up to 384kHz high-resolution audio format, DSD is 256. The decoded analog audio signal is output by a pair of RCA, without XLR, DIN and digital output. There is a USB connection on the back of the machine, but this is mainly for connecting a USB drive. It also has an interesting additional function. If you connect it to a USB CD-ROM drive, you can achieve CD playback, and this CD drive was originally used as a notebook computer peripheral. There is also a very good sound, with a 3.5mm jack to connect to the A-type amplifier ear amplifier, and equipped with aptX Bluetooth to wirelessly connect with external Bluetooth devices, such as smart phones, laptops, etc...

  This network player can also process the input digital music signal. You can choose to keep the original or resample to DSD format, which is a very important feature. Some readers may be interested in this feature. Before going further, explain the concept first, and then try to explain why.

  First of all, DSD is not magic. This is just another way of processing signals. It sounds bad in PCM, and it won't automatically get better when you switch to DSD. In addition, many of the most powerful decoding chips on the market today, such as Chord's customized FPGA system Burr Brown and ESS Saber (to a certain extent) are PCM DACs. The practice of claiming that DSD signals can be decoded. It is only to convert DSD to PCM and then decode. Therefore, the most important thing to explain from the beginning is that Lindemann does not use these decoders.

  Limetree Network first converts all input digital signals into DSD256 mode for audio processing, which helps improve audio quality. The internal MENS femtosecond clock effectively minimizes digital jitter errors. Lindemann is optimized in many ways through a unique digital circuit processing method. Therefore, the sound quality of Limetree Network is very high. As for the decoding specifications, it has its own independent D/A converter for each channel. The left and right channels each use a high-performance AK4452 digital-to-analog converter for dual mono design, and then re-sampling with AK4137. deal with. The output also uses high-quality amplifier modules to make the dynamic range higher than 120dB and the total harmonic distortion lower than 0.001%. This shows that in addition to the strong network function of this mini-streaming player, the bright specifications data show that its performance is comparable to that of the large-scale string. The flow system should never be underestimated!

  Even though Limetree Network is mainly for network streaming, it still has a USB Type A terminal for replaying digital audio files in the USB memory, and it also has Bluetooth wireless reception. Since Lindemann's dedicated App has already been pre-installed with Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, HighResAudio, Spotify and other playback software, and is also a Roon Ready product, after logging in to the relevant streaming platform, you can play a variety of digital music from different music platforms Music, the operation is also simple and convenient.

  This arrogant audio product for playing digital audio files may think that its sound will tend to be thin and blunt. But in fact, it comes from Lindemann, who is very experienced in digital audio systems and is unique. The internal design in the metal box can create outstanding sound effects. Listening to the vocal works is exciting, and carry the voice of the music creator. There will be no thin sound or hard problems, and the expression of instruments will not disappoint. And under the expression of Limetree Network's analytical power and ideal separation, even if you deal with drum music that emphasizes dynamic changes such as "Jiangzhou Drum", the huge scenes of boiling and prosperous are restored without compression, creating a soft middle. Bring a sense of strength. Don't underestimate this small box, Limetree Network is indeed an excellent digital audio product, and it is a small boutique suitable for the popular network music player trend!

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