The silver-gold alloy wire that is currently the best buy-Siltech SPX-380 power cord


The silver-gold alloy wire that is currently the best buy-Siltech SPX-380 power cord

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This SPX-380 is Siltech’s current cheapest silver-gold alloy power cord. After checking the information, I found Siltech SPX-380 has not been reported on either the "Sound Forum" or "" This is really a sunb! becauseIf you really love Siltech’s signature silver-gold alloy conductors, Siltech SPX-380 is undoubtedly the best buy at the moment.SPX-380 is a commemorative wire launched by Siltech at its 25th anniversary. The series is Classic Anniversary.There are two commemorative power cords under its banner, one is SPX-800, and the other is SPX-380 that will be introduced this time.

In terms of positioning, SPX-380 is a bit more entry-level than SPX-800, but the technology is similar.The difference is that the wire body of SPX-380 is thinner. I believe that the number of internal conductors will be relatively simpler than that of SPX-800.Of course, these are also reflected on the prices.

It is worth mentioning that as a silver-gold alloy wire from Siltech, the workmanship of SPX-380 is beyond my expectations.The thread body uses Siltech's signature navy blue as the background color, and then uses a black woven protective net for further protection. The most rare thing is that SPX-380 retains the original classic metal ring, and the bright silver texture is quite advanced under the light. SPX-380 uses Siltech's seventh-generation G7 silver-gold alloy conductor. It is based on pure silver, and then gold is used to fill up the cracks on the surface during the silver crystal production process, thereby achieving a smoother and unobstructed signal transmission. The efficiency and distortion are particularly low.

As far as the sense of hearing is concerned, this wire completely has a personal impression of Siltech silver-gold alloy wire in the past. The sound quality is detailed, the tone is sweet, and the sound is extremely tight; as long as the sound heard is too loose and the tone is not advanced enough, With this line, in addition to the wonderful "pull" effect, the gorgeously embellished overtone structure and the faint gloss on the surface of the piano sound really add a richer sound expression to the music.

The distribution of this line in the tri-frequency sense of volume is quite even, Especially in the interpretation of violin chamber music, the power cord is usually priced at about 30,000 yuan, SPX-380 sings "The artistic conception" that comes out is completely different from his brand; the subtle changes in the tone of the piano are more layered, and at the same time it is good at transparency.Through the precise orchestration position to create an excellent sense of space, whether it is in the orthodox two-channel sound system, or through The earphone system evaluation can get a fairly consistent sense of hearing from colleagues in the society, listening to "woman voice", "piano", "violin" these three music projects, SPX-380 excellent sound quality coupled with its own beautiful sound performance, at this price is definitely the front end Class gifted students. It is strongly recommended that if you want to add the premium flavor of the silver line to the audio system, you might as well come with a Siltech SPX-380. Try the power cord and experience the sound charm of Siltech silver-gold alloy. Why are so many audio fans chasing after it!