Meyersound is once again recognized by the Directors Guild of America


Meyersound has always been a pacemaker in the world's film industry. Recently, the Directors Guild of America completed the refurbishment and upgrade of the famous DGA Theater in Los Angeles. Among them, Meyersound was once again recognized by the authoritative organization of the Directors Guild of America. Become the supplier of the upgraded audio system.

Unlike most theaters where architects and engineers dominate, the design concept of the new DGA Theater is dominated by many members of the Directors Guild of America who have deep filmmaking backgrounds. It aims to vividly display every visual and auditory element designed by filmmakers when creating art, and restore their original soul and expression of the work. Provide the ultimate sound and picture experience for members and industry audiences. In order to make their expectations and vision of the theater more realistic, the association also cooperates with celebrities in the theater construction industry, including Gensler's theater design experts and Dolby's top audio-visual experts.

In addition to perfect acoustics and interior decoration design, the upgrade of the new DGA Theater also includes:Customized, the most advanced Dolby Vision laser projection system.
Brand new top 50-foot projection screen.The customized Dolby Atmos immersive sound system is equipped with more than 70 newly installed Meyersound speakers to provide the best sound experience.

The front screen channel uses five Acheron 100 speakers, and each Acheron 100 is paired with an Acheron LF low-frequency extension speaker. The main LFE channel is handled by twelve X-800C cinema subwoofers, and eight 750-LFC auxiliary subwoofers are used to manage the surround sound bass. Surround sound channels are allocated to 22 HMS-12 and 32 HMS-15 self-powered surround sound speakers. The complete audio system is coordinated and managed through the GALAXY 816 network platform.

Gensler design director and principal Lee Pasteris said. "The result is self-evident: this is a theater that can represent the director's service for those audience who seek for ultimate experience."