Stormaudio ISP MK2 Series - DiracLive®Bass Control


Earlier I briefly shared with you the meaning of using two or more subwoofers in a home theater. In order to achieve the low frequency distribution in the whole room more evenly, and getting more best listening positions. In addition to increasing the number of subwoofers to actively counteract the effects of standing waves, it is also an indispensable link to make relevant adjustments through the power amplifier or the low-frequency manager equipped with the pre-processor.

The DiracLive® Bass Control system of Stormaudio ISP MK2 series products is one of the best low frequency management systems on the market. With the help of DiracLive®Bass Control, the subwoofer and the speakers of other channels in the system can be regarded as a complete system, and the sound waves between the channels are aligned with each other, thereby reducing and eliminating the muddy and unclear sound produced by these intersections between different channels. Make the subwoofer in the system more coordinated with other channel speakers, thereby ensuring a pure and balanced bass experience for the entire room.

In addition, DiracLive® Bass Control also provides users with a convenient and user-friendly control interface. By visualizing the measured data, it can provide users with a more scientific and accurate calibration reference.

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