Elite Club of the Octave Class A amplifier

This is the OCTAVE first held a summit meeting with Class A amplifier models. In the middle and front rack of the picture, you can see the first pure class A single-ended output combiner V 16 Single Ended. It is also a breathtaking headphone amplifier with 8 watts of output power per channel, suitable for driving High-efficiency speakers. On both sides of this rack is the Jubilee 300B launched last year. This is a mono pure Class A amplifier stage. The output power has been further increased to 35 watts. There is also a very special idea that can be greatly reduced AC hum and noise, the first to use 7 Hz sine wave supply in the filament heating. But at the beginning of this year, OCTAVE once again created another miracle, the new combined amplifier model V70 Class A was born. The Class A output power has been pushed higher, with incredible 50 watts RMS and 70 watts peak power per side, enough to drive most speakers on the market. Therefore, it provides an excellent degree of freedom for music lovers. And always accompanied by the temptation of excellent Class A pure sound.

The biggest challenge in designing the new V70 Class A was to make a pure Class A output amplifier circuit in the same size as the A/B class V70 SE. The boss and chief designer Andreas Hofmann took another approach and came up with new tricks to overcome Design problems. This technology uses Dynamic Bias Control circuit, to allow V70 Class A to dynamically adjust the bias voltage, keep the vacuum tube amplifier circuit continuously working in Class A, and enable the output power 2 times better than the traditional circuit, up to 50 watts per channel, it can even be increased to 70 watts of maximum peak power if connected to Super Black Box.

Since the V70 Class A four output pentode KT-120 adopts a fully automatic bias voltage adjustment circuit, users no longer need to manually adjust with a screwdriver and the panel still retains colored LED lights to monitor the bias of each output tube if the pressure is correct. Of course, you can also check the working status of the vacuum tube. The other is that the high-end post-stage parts that are still accordance to the OCTAVE convention that are equipped with optional high and low power output modes. V70 Class A is no exception, you can choose high power or low power output, depends on which type of power tube used, such as the standard factory-configured KT120, or replace it with the strongest KT-150, then choose the Power High mode. Or when you switch to a lower power KT88 or 6550, you need to set it in Power Low low power mode. At this time, the output power will be reduced to 15 watts (pure A) to 25 watts.

In addition, V70 Class A also has the Home Theater Bypass function, which is convenient for integration with multi-channel theater systems, and can also use the front-end output to connect the subwoofer for 2.1-channel settings. As for listening to vinyl, V70 Class A has reserved upgrade options. Users can purchase dedicated MM or MC phono amplifier modules. In addition, there are two power upgrade solutions, Black Box and Super Black Box. If you think V70 Class A driving force is not enough, plus the power upgrade module can once again increase the driving force of V70 Class A.

Equipment specifications
Type: Pure Class A Vacuum Tube Comprehensive Amplifier
Output power: 50 watts per channel
Vacuum tube configuration: ECC 83 x 1, ECC 81 x 2, KT120 x 4
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 70 kHz
Distortion: <0.01% @ 10 W/4ohm
Dimensions: 451 × 175 × 405 mm (width × height × depth)