Simple and refined-Exposure XM CD, XM7 pre-amp, XM9 mono power-amp




Big equipment equals good sound? This kind of thinking seems to have many believer. After all, we are generally accustomed to using devices with a 17-inch panel width, so that a narrower panel seems to be a feature with limited performance. Isn't that true? In fact, some parts don't need to be that big and still remain lots of space inside.


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Father of modern Chicago blues《Muddy Waters》



  In 1964, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards went to Chicago to meet an old guitarist. When he stepped into the gate of Chase Records, he saw a worker painting the wall and asked: "Can you find Muddy Waters here?", "I am exactly" the worker turned his face and replied. Richards was stunned for an instant. This worker with some paints on his face was the idol he was going to visit...


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What is the standard of sound for Hi-Fi?




Article from《Xuite blog》

Audio is a personal hobby, so many friends will pursue the sound that they like, because the audio is listened to by themselves. Of course, this is understandable, but when be with a group of people that enjoy HI-Fi as much as you do, If you want to ask everyone to agree with your favorite voice, it may not be what you want, because it involves everyone's requirements. If you really want people to agree at this time, your Hi-Fi voice must meet the required standard voice, otherwise just play with a few friends who have the same orientation, so that you don't have to get angry with all the opinions afterwards......


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Small body makes great achievements - Lindemann Limetree Network Player




 Lindemann is not traditionally engaged in low-end market. Most of their products are tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars, which fits all the descriptions of "Hi-END" that you can reasonably expect.For celebrate the 25th anniversary of Lindemann's founding. Many models of the Limetree series use Lindemann's expertise and set their prices at the most acceptable level in the market. The members of the series include; Network music players, MM /MC phono Amplifier, Headphone amplifier and The Bridge.


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