New product launch: Thorens TAB 1600 turntable shock absorber and record leather pad




TAB 1600 Turntable shock absorber

Eliminate the vibration of the vinyl turntable and make the sound quality of the record more realistic and excellent. Thorens' latest TAB 1600 turntable "shock absorber" is specially designed for vinyl turntable "shock absorber". Although the vinyl turntable itself has a "shock absorber", it cannot avoid the vibration caused by the sound of the horn and hitting the turntable through the air, which will affect the playback sound quality of the stylus on the turntable. The TAB 1600 "shock absorber" can reduce the vibration of the sound feedback generated by the horn sound to the turntable. It adopts a sandwich structure and is made of MDF and sound-absorbing cotton and fabric. It is designed to isolate the turntable from the support surface. It can effectively absorb the vibration from the support surface. To make the playback sound cleaner. The high-quality turntable may be heavy enough, and it also has a good servo motor, anti-skid and needle pressure adjustment, but the fine stylus is easily affected by external vibrations. The TAB 1600 turntable "shock absorber" can improve the resonance and make the record sound Better performance.

Size: 45cm (W) x 38 cm (D)
Weight: 2.5 kg

Platter Mat Leather